Plans… and results

Yesterday, I proved to myself that a good print is possible (only possible!) if I’ve got… exactly the right combination of good quality, clean, new press blankets,  a thin felted blanket under the thicker ones, the right paper thickness, weave and colour, a lovely press, damp (not wet) paper, delicious Charbonnel oil inks for intaglio, Akua waterbased inks for relief, the right colours, using all inks neat, well-cared for rollers, clean paper, press adjusted correctly AND a meticulously wiped plate.

And of course it goes without saying that it must be a photopolymer image with the right degree of exposure, washed out gently for two minutes, cured in the sun.

Today, I tried exposing delicate images using a half-tone screen, which led me to question whether I’m the right kind of person for such precise, timed to the second, type work!

I left that behind and enjoyed chopping up giant dead leaves.  I spent all afternoon printing them over and under, in and out, relief and intaglio, on and off from cardboard to paper and back again, without having to think ahead further than the next roll of the press.  Much better.

Maybe I will try half tone screens and photographs again tomorrow.