Cheese fondue

You haven’t really lived until you have spent at least one evening that begins with mulled wine while chopping up artisan bread and fresh apples, includes a long time spent dipping, swirling, cooling and eating these delicious little morcels in a gently bubbling cauldron of garlic,white wine and mixed cheese, off the end of a long fork, and ends with Swiss chocolate cake, the darkest, richest, smoothest, most unctuous, creamy, delicate cocoa flavoured chocolate cake in the world.

That’s one of the things I’ve been doing for the past few days in Zurich while visiting one of my favourite people.  Other things include going to see the Agate windows by Sigmar Polke in  Grossmuenster Cathedral:

Agate Windows in Grossmünster, Zurich by Polke Sigmar  #Agate #Polke_Sigmar #Grossmünster #Zurich

and also the beautiful Chagall windows in Fraumunster church:

just as we were beginning to get tired, Santa’s tram came past, with an angel on board to re-inspire us:


Back in Lausanne today, where it has started snowing!