Technology elegance, design elegance

What would I do without Google translate and Google maps? It has smoothed any rough edges off my first experiences of Sweden. It has delivered precious moments of warmth when I was disorientated by the whiteness everywhere, freezing my nose and fingers off trying to be an intrepid explorer, and discovering that the street signs were obliterated by snow.   I think that having an interactive map in my posession helped me see about twice as many beautiful objects full of Swedish design elegance.

I love the simplicity of forms, and the clear white space that intensifies the bright colour blocks that break up spaces.  One of my favourites, Marimekko, is actually Finnish rather than Swedish, but the style feels perfect:

iphone Sweden Dec 251



The design museum in Gothenburg was everything the brightly coloured heart desires:

iphone Sweden Dec 229 iphone Sweden Dec 230 iphone Sweden Dec 237

 There was also some 3D printed awesomeness:iphone Sweden Dec 240Swedish avant garde fashion design – nice suit!
iphone Sweden Dec 244

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