Exploring Island Bay Marine Reserve

Feeling distinctly like a penguin, I waddled into the water.  I was lucky enough to be able to borrow an underwater camera from my guide, who knows a lot more about diving, free-diving, crayfish hunting and spear-fishing than I do.

Knowing I love strange underwater creatures, he chose us the best day of the year for a dive; a fresh sunny summer day with only a whisper of wind, the fourth in a row.  The water was clear, calm with a swell and freezing.  I was really glad for the 7 cm of wetsuit-blubber all over my body and pretty soon my face was too numb to feel anyway.

P1000285 P1000290Everything moved in sway with the swell, making it almost impossible to snap a clear photo – I loved every second.

P1000322 P1000356 P1000387Aenemones hanging out in their natural habitat:

P1000307 P1000315

5 thoughts on “Exploring Island Bay Marine Reserve

  1. 7mm wetsuit, methinks!

    Isn’t the marine reserve just so absolutely beautiful underwater? I’m so glad you went and had a look. Who was your guide?

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