I went to a great workshop this weekend just gone, with Annie Smits Sandano.  More to say about that later, but the workshop got me thinking about permutations of colour combinations in woodcut layering.

I wasn’t sure why, but the idea of layering three levels of semi transparent colour on top of each other to create a multicoloured image that also features white, blew my mind.

Annie taught us the useful and practical technique of using tracing paper to develop the colour layers, which was perfect for the workshop.  Later I got thinking about how to explore ALL the different layering options there were, and exactly HOW many there were.  I found the Combinations and Permutations calculator and found 6 combos for three colours, and then went to photoshop to play.

Here are my results.  As you’ll see, I also played around with transparency.  I also tried out just using two of the colour plates.

First, here’s all the images with the green layer on top. (I’ve labelled each with the colour order)

greenmen Now pink on top:pinkmen Yellow on top: yellowmen


Here are my picks of the bunch:


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