Visiting Janet Hughes, a Wellington printmaker

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the printmaker Janet Hughes and see her beautiful new printing press.

This press was made (and personally delivered) by John Mulvay.  He’s an etching press manufacturer based in Waihi who is also an artist himself.  I’d just love one of these of my very own one day.  John posted about this press on his own blog too.

2014-05-23 10.30.57 2014-05-23 10.30.38 2014-05-23 10.30.27 2014-05-23 10.30.16


Janet also showed me some of the prints and beautiful artwork she has around the house.  Being in Janet’s house was a beautiful experience.  It made me want to write Imagist poetry, or do Japanese calligraphy, dressed in a silk kimono.

The quality of the light makes me feel like gently lifting a horsehair brush, dipping it into the inky dimness in the stairwell and drawing an ink wash line onto linen paper.  This line will perfectly describe the clean silhouettes of the bare winter trees outside.

It’s a house made of clean lines in deep yellow, Japanese lacquer red and many shades of subtle greys in textures of tile, wall, delicate paper lampshade.  A soft pearly light filters through glass surfaces.  I’m sort of in love with it.

Janet’s work is similar; subtle and thoughtful, with beautiful detail.  I can see the Japanese influence.  I’m looking forward to seeing her new work on the new printing press!

Here are some of Janet’s pieces (thanks for sharing Janet, and apologies for the  photo quality!):


2014-05-23 10.43.30 2014-05-23 10.42.22
2014-05-23 10.35.57 copy 2014-05-23 10.34.13 2014-05-23 10.33.57 2014-05-23 10.33.41 2014-05-23 10.34.52 copy

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