I was at the pharmacy today, bored, waiting for my medicine.  They have a whole lot of perfume on sale at my pharmacy; last seasons hot scents that are still new for the people who never get out of the suburbs.  I like trying them on and imagining buying them.

At school in the 90s, the cool girls used Lynx in the changing rooms.  I just smelt sweaty, or, I probably didn’t, because I disdained any effort at gym.  It didn’t sit well with the academic image I was trying to cultivate (so I thought then).

Perfume is so gender-neutral now, or so the sales-assistant at David Jones tells me.  My best friend in high-school used guys’ scent. She always smelt a bit dangerous and exciting; roses and cigarettes. I’d love to be cool, even now, when I should be old enough to know better.

I try out some perfumes from the mens section, feeling powerful and trend-setting.  When I get home, I smell like a man.