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Jewellery techniques: setting faceted stones

Another fantastic course at Workspace Studios on how to set faceted stones, tutored by the fabulous Annie Collins and Vaune Mason This is going to be the perfect technique for me – if only I had known when I made this ring below.  I love it, but it could have been better with a few beautifully controlled settings.  Next time!

jemssmall1Anyhow, here’s a few pics on the process.  I’ll just say that these photos are more for my own memory than to be a good explanation of the technique.  If you want to learn how to do this yourself, my advice is to take the Workspace Studios class – Vaune is a great teacher!  If only I could explain it as well as she did during the class.


Jewellery techniques: creating claw settings for stones

I recently attended a great course at Workspace Studios on how to create claw settings, tutored by the directors Annie Collins and Vaune Mason, both talented practicing jewellers.  I’m really happy to finally know how to do this properly!

For the record, here’s some photos of the day: