I’ve been working on this body of work all week, to the exclusion of most else. When I close my eyes I can see dark brushstrokes and delicate silhouetted plant forms; balanced patterns of light and shade.  I started out tight and restrained.

After a week, the movements of my bamboo stick over inked butter paper are free-form, expansive, relaxed.  The intense contrast evokes light.


Seeing these images is seeing my mind laid out in its hidden frameworks before me.  feel joy when I look at them all; that my mind has the capacity to generate this beauty and sense of coherence.  Is it coherent? It is to me.  So fascinating – a secret language to explain myself to myself.


I was at the pharmacy today, bored, waiting for my medicine.  They have a whole lot of perfume on sale at my pharmacy; last seasons hot scents that are still new for the people who never get out of the suburbs.  I like trying them on and imagining buying them.

At school in the 90s, the cool girls used Lynx in the changing rooms.  I just smelt sweaty, or, I probably didn’t, because I disdained any effort at gym.  It didn’t sit well with the academic image I was trying to cultivate (so I thought then).

Perfume is so gender-neutral now, or so the sales-assistant at David Jones tells me.  My best friend in high-school used guys’ scent. She always smelt a bit dangerous and exciting; roses and cigarettes. I’d love to be cool, even now, when I should be old enough to know better.

I try out some perfumes from the mens section, feeling powerful and trend-setting.  When I get home, I smell like a man.



The changing state of manufacturing

Ever since I got interested in 3D Printing and linked it up with quick-turnaround manufacturing, I also got interested in MakerSpace, FabLabs and other places where regular citizens can hire equipment like 3D printers and laser cutters to do art projects, or commercialise their ideas.

I’ve got an Etsy site of my own, although I’m no good at keeping the content fresh, so my jewellery has slid down into the mud place where all the fossilized jewellery sites from 2011 go on Etsy. Etsy was all about handcraft, until now, when it’s now got Etsy Manufacturing